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A full-automatic rapid potato chip frying machine comprises a frying pool strainers a first motor a stripping sheet a sliding plate a conveyor belt a second motor a heating device a partition plate a valve a mesh plate an oil removing pool a chain wheel a fixing arm a blocking rod a control cabinet a chain and a rail shaped like a Chinese character 'hui'

Potato Chips Batch Fryer Machine Capacity: 50 Kg/hr Rs

Potato Chips Batch Fryer Machine offered is backed by our extensive experience in this field that assists us in offering exclusive process plant solutions for processing of Potato Chips These plants are designed for meeting the specific grinding demands and come fitted with meshes available in

Frozen French Fries Machinery

Welcome LONGER French Fries Production Line LONGER FOOD Machinery independently develop international market promises to provide best quality machines and solutions for global users in french fries processing plant potato chips machinery and snack frying machines

Fully Automatic Continuous Potato Chips/Crisp Frying Machine

Banana Chips Frying Machine Fish Frying Machine Frying Machine Price manufacturer / supplier in China offering Fully Automatic Continuous Potato Chips/Crisp Frying Machine Hot Sale Fully Automatic Frozen French Fries Potato Chips Machine Commercial Avocado Apple Peach Skin Removing Machine for Peeling and so on

China Semi

A Equipment introduction semi-automatic potato chips/french fries/plantain chips making machine 1 Peeling:firstly the potatoes shall be washed and peeled by the potato washing and peeling machine 2 Cutting:the peeled potatoes are cut into strips by the super-speed slicing machine 3 Blanching: put the potato strips into the blanching machine for inactivating the oxidase in potato strips

Automatic Potato Chips Frying Machine Price

Automatic potato chips frying machine is a kind of continuous frying machine is mainly suitable for various kinds of fried food like meat pie chicken nuggets potato chips spring rolls peanuts and other snacks widely used in food industry with large capacity The whole machine adopts SUS304 stainless steel of high quality Main features of potato chips frying machine:

Chips Frying Machine for Potato Chips Plant as Commercial

Chips Frying Machine Introduction Chips frying machine adopts the oil-water mixed technology is designed to fry various product such as potato chips peanuts broad beans etc It can fry kinds of products at the same time and there is no taste mixture between each other convenient and quick safety and health

Automatic Potato Chips Frying Machine Continuous Chips

Potato chips frying machine is used for continuous frying of potato chips in the automatic potato chips production line The heat source of this chips fryer machine can be electricity coal and gas The frying temperature and frying time can be adjusted freely for different fried food

Small Scale Potato Chips Centrifugal Deoiling Machine For

Potato Chips Deoiling Machine Introduction Potato chips de-oiling machine is mainly used to dry the oil off the surface of potato chips so that the potato chips looks and tastes better become easier to be packed and saves cooking oil such as potato chips banana chips and puffed food and adopts centrifugal principle to make potatoes bright color crisp flavor

Continuous Potato Chips Frying Machine Banana Chip Fryer Price

Continuous Potato Chips Frying Machine Price The price parameters of continuous frying equipment are only for reference According to the different specifications and production requirement the price is different so we support the processing and customization Please consult the manufacturer for details Order hotline: 0086-18595717505

Automatic Good Quality Continuous Fryer For Frying Potato

Automatic tunnel fryer consists of net belt conveying system automatic elevating system automatic filtrating system oil temperature controlling system oil adding system and heating system (2) This continuous deep Frying machine can fry the snack pellet potato chips yams taros peanuts fish dough snacks green peas fava beans broad

How should the frying machine be used?

Fruit and Vegetable washing machine Fried Food processing machine Banana chips making machine Potato chips making machine Frying machine Grain food processing machine Dumpling Machine Cookie making machine Dough Divider Dough Mixer Dough sheeter Flat Bread Machine Meat processing Equipment Bone saw machine Meat ball machine Meat

China Automatic Potato Chips Frying Machine Production

Automatic Potato Chips Frying Machine Production Line Feature of Frying Machine: It is a fryer which customized for frying the tempura hamburger tempuras chicken nuggets twisted cruller churros dough twist battered meat breading meat semi-floating foods meat pies fish etc

Potato Chips Frying Machine/French Fries Frying Machine

We offer advanced potato chips/French fries frying machine This food frying machine not only is designed for frying potato chips/crisps and French fries but also suitable for frying nuts fruits like the broad bean peanuts and puffed food drumsticks rice crust etc Due to its qualities of high efficiency and energy-saving our potato chips/French fries frying machine enjoys great

Pouch Packaging Machine Kurkure Extruder Machine Potato

Energy-saving Namkeen Frying Machine is a without smoke sort multi-reason water-oil partition broiling hardware with electric warming coal warming and gas warming for choice this gear embraces the most progressive universal oil-water blended singing procedure totally changed the structure of the conventional searing hardware in a general sense comprehends the drawbacks of customary

Banana Chips Machine Potato Chips Making Machine

Main products of Zhengzhou LONGER Machinery are: continuous frying machine banana chips production line potato chips processing line French fries production line peanut coating line fried food frying line chips cutting machine and other food processing machine

Continuous Potato Chips Fryer at Best Price in India

Available with us is a wide range of potato banana chips continuous fryer These are used for frying potato chips and namkeen and other various products Our fryers have imported Italian rielo burner for massive production capacity and for uniform quality

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Batch Frying Machine/Semi -Automatic Fryer (6) Commercial Nuts Frying Machine (1) Electric Automatic Nuts Snack Frying Machine/Fish fryer (6) Gas Automatic Onion Chicken Fryer Machine/Continuous (3) Gas Peanuts Snack Chips Fryer Machine (1) peeling machine (2) Potato Peeling Machine (1) washing and peeling machine (1) Potato chips/French Fries

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Industrial potato fryer machine is widely applied in the food processing industries so there are many types of food frying technology According to the air pressure it can be divided into normal pressure frying and vacuum frying According to the frying method it can be divided into continuous frying and intermittent frying

French Fries/Potato Chips Frying Machine Oil

The French Fries Frying Machine adopts oil and water mixing technology which is best suitable for frying various style French fries especially and other kinds of snack food like potato chips The main consistence of this fryer are oil tank electric cabinet fan water drainage valve oil drainage valve natural wind cooling mouth and some other components these parts work independently and

Frying Machine

5 This automatic deep frying machine can fry all kinds of food at the same time without taint of odor It is a multi-purpose fryer 6 This frying machine can frying potato chips french fries banana/plantain chips chin chin meat chick beans samosa cassava chips sweet potato chips etc 7 The machine can

Automatic Compound Potato Chips Production Line Machinery

For frying machine it is a continuous machine and will take about 1-3 minutes to fry this kind of compound potato chips For Flavoring Machine it is with 10r/min working speed is adjustable It is special with spice adding motor to control and also can adjust the machine

Electric Potato Chips Frying Machine French Fries Fryer

Potato Chips Frying Machine Features 1 Advanced oil-water mixed technology Oil and water have different densities and will separate automatically in a container during frying process oil in the upper can fry foods while water in the bottom can absorb residues 2 Fried foods are clean fresh without turning dark at all because the residues

Automatic Good Quality Continuous Fryer For Frying Potato

Automatic tunnel fryer consists of net belt conveying system automatic elevating system automatic filtrating system oil temperature controlling system oil adding system and heating system (2) This continuous deep Frying machine can fry the snack pellet potato chips yams taros peanuts fish dough snacks green peas fava beans broad

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3 Rinse: Cut the French fries into ozone disinfection washing machine rinse the surface of the mucus rinse 4 Blanching: Rinse the French fries into blanching machine blanching to inactivate the oxidase in potato chips to prevent deterioration of color accelerate dehydration 7 Lek (air lifting): fried French fries after air drying machine