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PLANT DESCRIPTION Saffron Crocus is a pretty bulb with purple flowers each with three stigmas It has been grown as a spice and a dye since ancient times The name is derived from zafaran the Arabian word for yellow It is famous as an ingredient in paella bouillabaisse and risotto It is a perennial bulb to 40 cm high and summer dormant

Crocus sativus: Saffron Crocus

Another way of growing Saffron Crocus in cold-winter areas is to plant the corms 2 in deep in clay or plastic pots filled with a well-drained soil mix and then set the pots directly in the ground with the rims about 2 inches below the soil surface so the pots don't

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Jun 27 2016Credit: istock S affron one of the glorious traditional spices that almost anyone can grow in their backyard or sunny patio is said to be worth more than gold A kilo of saffron is thought to be made up of 100 000 pistils (threads) Saffron comes from the saffron crocus (Crocus

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Apr 14 2020Saffron (Crocus sativus) is easily the most expensive spice on the market which is why it might be a good idea to learn about growing saffron indoors The care of saffron crocus is no more difficult than that of any other type of bulb A saffron crocus is just your garden variety autumn crocus the expense comes in the labor intensive harvesting of the stigmas or saffron threads

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Only saffron doesn't grow on remote islands nor does it need tropical conditions or a rare exotic insect to produce a harvest Saffron is the product of the 'Saffron Crocus' (Crocus sativus) a small fall-blooming crocus usually the last flower to bloom in the

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Planting Saffron Saffron (Crocus sativus) grows from a type of bulb called a corm While it's common to plant bulbs that produce flowers such as daffodils and tulips in the late fall so that they enjoy a deep freeze in the ground before growing that's not the case with saffron

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Dec 19 2018Saffron crocus and other autumn flowering varieties need to be planted quite deep – about 10cm in well-drained rich soil in a sunny situation and 7 5cm apart Make sure you plant your crocus corms with pointed tip facing upwards and the flattened end at the bottom of your planting hole


The cultivated saffron (saffron crocus C sativus) flowers in the autumn and comes up every year so it is known as a perennial plant It does not grow wild and is now a triploid form of the eastern Mediterranean plant called Crocus cartwrightianus It is thought that C cartwrightianus came from Crete The saffron crocus


SAFFRON CROCUS (9 BULBS) Crocus sativus: Member $19 95 Grow your own saffron threads which you will see in the supermarkets for more than $130 per gram or just enjoy the fragrant purple flowers either in pots or mass planted Suited to temperate gardens it relishes dry summers and cool winters Despatched from end November

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Saffron is one of the most expensive spices in the world since it takes thousands of flowers to produce a pound of the stigmas That's right saffron is actually the stigmas of a flower -- a fall-blooming crocus flower to be exact Recommended for U S Department of Agriculture plant hardiness

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Sep 19 2019Growing Saffron Crocus Plant saffron bulbs in free-draining soil that gets plenty of sunshine Don't push your luck If your soil gets boggy or is reluctant to drain after a period of sustained rain then the bulbs are liable to simply rot away Instead plant

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Oct 11 2017To grow saffron start by getting some crocus corms from your local plant nursery or online Then plant your crocus corms in clusters of 10-12 in a location with well-draining soil and full sun Wait to plant them until 6-8 weeks prior to the first deep frost of the season

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Harvesting Saffron is easy simply pick the red stigmas on each flower once the flowers are fully open Plant in full sun or partial shade and well-drained soil It grows 4-6in tall Hardy in Zones 5-9 In cooler regions the Saffron Crocus can be grown in containers You can harvest the saffron

Saffron crocus: A spice worth growing

It comes from the saffron crocus Crocus sativus Considering the high price this spice fetches at market you might be surprised to discover how easy it is to grow How to grow saffron crocus The fall-blooming purple-flowered saffron crocus grows from a bulb

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At the saffron cultivation saffron is collected from the blossoms of Crocus sativus (Iridaceae) commonly known as saffron crocus or saffron bulbs It is propagated by bulbs called corms Each corm forms new bulbs and this is how the plant multiplies Saffron flowers come out in autumn and are harvested for the red stigmas that we all know as saffron

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Growing Saffron Crocus or Crocus Sativus plant or bulbs is not that difficult so if you live in the right climate you can indeed grow your own Saffron crocus prefer a warm climate and full sun It is the stigmas of the Crocus Sativus that is the most expensive spice in the world

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Nov 16 2010Container and Soil Saffron crocuses need plenty of space and soil Its corms are typically planted 2 to 4 inches deep and 3 to 4 inches apart Plant individual corms in 6-inch-wide and 8-inch-deep pots or plant up to five corms in a cross formation in a 12-inch-wide 8-inch-deep pot

Crocus sativus (Saffron Crocus)

Celebrated for more than 2000 years Crocus sativus or Saffron Crocus has been cultivated for its invaluable red stamens the source of culinary saffron This fall-blooming Crocus features large lilac-purple blooms adorned with darker veins and yellow stamens and more importantly three vivid red stigmas that extend over the petals Precious these three stigmas are the real saffron

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Sep 18 2013In Asia Europe and North Africa saffron (Crocus sativus) is renowned for its unique delicate flavouring of food while in Morocco it is used as a potent leather dye It is no less famed for being the world's most expensive spice Renske van Zyl first saw saffron on a visit to Dubai and at first had no idea what it was or about the process of farming saffron

Saffron crocus: A spice worth growing

It comes from the saffron crocus Crocus sativus Considering the high price this spice fetches at market you might be surprised to discover how easy it is to grow How to grow saffron crocus The fall-blooming purple-flowered saffron crocus grows from a bulb

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Growing Saffron Step by Step Breaking out of that "growing saffron is hard" mentality is like admitting that even in northern climates you can make healthy sweet potato recipes from your garden's own sweet potatoes It can be done Find Crocus sativus bulbs and be sure they aren't any other type of crocus! These purple-blossomed

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Saffron is predominantly a spice and is added to a lot of curry or spicier dishes The dried stigmas of the plant are picked from the saffron crocus which is a plant that can grow up to 30 centre metres in size In ancient times saffron was used as medicine for a

Saffron crocus: A spice worth growing

It comes from the saffron crocus Crocus sativus Considering the high price this spice fetches at market you might be surprised to discover how easy it is to grow How to grow saffron crocus The fall-blooming purple-flowered saffron crocus grows from a bulb

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Growing Saffron Bulbs (Crocus Sativus) Growing Saffron is not an extremely difficult method but some steps are important to take into account Generally saffron is planted in light soil fields with good drainage and with no flooding problems which have been

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Apr 13 2020The spice known as saffron is produced from an autumn-flowering plant with the scientific name Crocus sativus The common name of this plant is saffron crocus The saffron crocus is unknown in the wild It's thought to have been developed by

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Jul 04 2014It takes 165 crocus flowers to make just one gram of saffron spice Saffron is the stigma or flower part of the saffron crocus Crocus sativus The large numbers of flowers needed plus the high labor costs of carefully picking just that part from the flower make it

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Saffron the deep red threads that flavor rice dishes like Spanish paella is actually the dried stamen of the sativus crocus This spice is so expensive because of the labor involved with hand picking the small flower parts but if your recipe calls for only 6-8 threads (not the 4 000 needed for an ounce) you can complete the harvest in

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Q Saffron - How many crocuses are needed to produce 4 grams of saffron? Q What To Plant With Saffron Crocus - They are dormant in summer time so the bed will be just dirt in the summer I need companion plants Q Saffron Crocus Planting - Can Saffron Crocus bulbs be planted in early spring and if so will they flower in the following fall?


The saffron crocus (Crocus sativus) belongs to the Iridaceae family of flowers which also includes irises and it is a close relative of freesias and gladioli The saffron crocus is a perennial plant that grows from a rounded bulb (or corm) Purple flowers appear in autumn and erect grass-like leaves emerge just before with or after the flowers